​Back  in 1967, the Group - The 'Fab' - wami - featuring - Tony Anderson - Vocals.(Brother of Jon Anderson - 'YES' band). Dave Wammy Walmsley - Lead Guitar/Vocals. Phil Cockett R.I.P.- Bass Guitar. Ray Walmsley - Rhythm guitar and Alan Percival R.I.P.- Sonor Drums. - Notice the Water Tap' on the drums!  (Bottom Photo) Alan Percival never 'Tapped' the drums, he whacked 'em!

(All Photos c/o Pat Walmsley & Dave Wammy Walmsley).  


                                                                                Burnley Lane Baptist Church. - BURNLEY.


                                            The Dolphin Club - COLNE.   (Just after the Hollies had been there).



 Tony (the vocalist - ex Warriors), later got a phone call from his brother (Jon from the band 'YES'), who was in London -

"There's a band down here from SPAIN and they are looking for a vocalist!  They call themselves 'LOS BRAVOS' are you intrested?"  Tony turned to me and explained the situation to which I said -

"Go down to London and see how the land lies you can't turn this opportunity down" .  Yep! he auditioned and away he went - I wished him all the luck in the world - he was gone! my best mate. (It was such a sad departure).

After much searching and false dreams I started looking for another project and (eventually) after the 'Clydes Ankle' episode, I stumbled on a Geordie guy that had the similar attitude as I.  Cliff Stocker, a former vocalist with the 'Slack Alice Band'. 

We discussed thing in quite some detail,  he was 'IN', the ball started rolling once again.  We had some good original songs and the 'door was open'.  This was my last chance. (so I thought!!!!).  




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