(Solo Aqui Pensando - Sittin' Here & Thinkin').



Solo Aqui Pensando - (Sittin' Here & Thinkin') - 1969. by Dave Wammy Walmsley.
Recorded in Spain by - Zaffiro - Novola - (Pye International).

Just to put the 'Record' straight - the song Solo Aqui Pensando (Sittin here & thinkin') was written by Dave Wammy Walmsley whilst living in London during 1969. It was called 'Sitting here and thinkin' (in English) and Zaffiro - Novola - (Pye International) entered the song in the 'Spanish XV1 Festival de la Cancion Espanol' and received the critic prize. Juan (Joan) Bibiloni sang the song he did 'NOT' compose it  - nor did Carlos Toro ! - as indicated.  (Come on Boys - Blow your Noses!).
Quote - - ZEBRA  SG  SOLO PENSANDO EN TI  (1974)  EDITA NOVOLA (ZAFIRO  NOV - 218***GRAN PREMIO DE LA CANCION --MEJOR CANCION --  DE LA CRITICA del  XVI  FESTIVAL ESPAÑOL DE LA  CANCION CARA A)   SOLO PENSANDO EN TI (Carlos Toro/Joan Bibiloni)  it's time to put the 'record' straight - this is False information.

​To put yet another record straight - Track - Pobre Adam was recorded on this 'Brut' Album by Juan (Joan) Bibiloni - the song -'Poor Adam' was written and Copy-righted by Dave Wammy Walmsley, in the early 1970's and recorded on the 'Another Star in Limbo' CD. (the second 'Solo' album) * see page 2 - (Track 3). on this website. - I rest my case ---

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​Dave Wammy Walmsley 1969. -
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