Los Bravos & Los Zebra.
​                                                             Hold Tight!   we're off to Can Pastilla - Palma de Mallorca  - Spain.
Tony (Andy) Anderson (The brother of Jon Anderson from The 'YES' Band) replaced 'Mike Kennedy', but after a while, things started to change. Andy and Miguel Vicence (Los Bravos original Bass Player) both left the band and went living in Can Pastilla,  a little town near Palma Mallorca - Wammy got a phone call! 
The house in Can Pastilla that we lived in. ( 7 Carrer del Norai )
(below!) the garage at the bottom of the drive with the green door was our rehearsal room.
                                                                         Then there was a little rascal called Simon on his way.
                                    After yet another 'Los Bravos' adventure, came a formation, which led on to 'Los Zebra'
                                                                       (Z66 + LOS BRAVOS) = LOS ZEBRA .
Pablo Gomez (The original 'Los Bravos' Drummer) suggested that we didn't use the Los Bravos name, which we ignored at the time.
Tony (ANDY)  Anderson - Ex vocalist of Los Bravos -  Tony (ANDY) replaced Mike Kennedy in 1969?
Manolo Marie - Drummer - Ex Z66. (R.I.P).
Miguel Vicence - Original Bass Player from Los Bravos.
Juan Bibiloni - Guitar & Vocals.
​Dave Wammy Walmsley - Guitar & Vocals. Straight from Glastonbury 1971 Fayre Festival.
Los Bravos with Tony 'ANDY' Anderson.(Ex Warriors-Accrington,Lancs,England).   New Line Up - in Can Pastilla - Palma de Mallorca.
Dave Wammy Walmsley,Jon Anderson (YES band),Tony Anderson & Miguel Vicence. Jon - helping out in a Barcelona studio.
                                                                            Miguel Vicence - in 'Amanecer'. Palma de Mallorca.
                                                    Jon Anderson (From The 'YES' band)- Mixing down a track.
By now Tony's wife Eileen had an unforeseen accident and Tony (ANDY) left Spain and went with his 3  children to live on the 'Isle of Wight' with his Mother. After much thought, we re-vamped the band adding, Alberto Candella on bass. Together with Alberto, Juan and I took the vocal slot. Miguel Vicence, by now was the Manager.
                                   Zebra - (On the road again).                                             Receiving the 'Critic Prize' in 1971 for 'Solo Aqui Pensando'
                                                                                                                                                 'LIVE' at the 'Plaza de Toros Benidorm.
The song - 'Solo Aqui Pensando' - (Sittin' Here and Thinking) C/o Dave Wammy Walmsley, was written in London in 1969 and adapted for the XV1 FESTIVAL ESPANOL DE LA CANCION. We were awarded the Critic prize, after playing 'Live' at the Plaza de Toros in Benidorm. It was Televised 'LIVE' throughout Spain.

                                   (Picture Sleeves of Released - L.P. & Singles). 

1.  This is a Happy Song/All been a Dream  -  A&B side c/o Dave Wammy Walmsley.
2.  Oh Daddy Oh Mama./Escribeme Laura  - A side c/o Ivor Raymonde, (Director/Producer of Decca Records) -
     B side c/o Dave Wammy Walmsley.     

3.  Carolina Girl /A Step in the Right Direction -A side c/o Dave Wammy Walmsley. B side c/o Ivor Raymonde,
​     (Director/Producer of Decca Records)                                            
4.  Hey Girl/To Dream on - A side c/o Mc Intosh /B side c/o Dave Wammy Walmsley.   
5.  Solo Aqui Pensando/La Vida es como La Vives - A side c/o Dave Wammy Walmsley.
​     B side c/o Ivor Raymonde, (Director/Producer of Decca Records). 
 www.youtube, Solo Aqui Pensando.

6.  I've Made my Mind Up/Bye Bye Baby - Songs c/o Juan Bibiloni. c/o Novola - Zaffiro - a subsidary of PYE International, SPAIN.
7.  Working 12 years c/o Dave Wammy Walmsley -
8.  Zebra ‎(LP, Album) Novola NLX 1053 Spain 1976.  Tracks -
I've Made My Mind Up. c/o - Juan Bibiloni.    
Association. c/o - Dave Wammy Walmsley.    
She's All Right. c/o - Juan Bibiloni.    
It's All Been A Dream. c/o - Dave Wammy Walmsley.    
Bye Bye Baby. c/o - Juan Bibiloni.    
Tristeza. c/o - Juan Bibiloni.    
Life's Strange Direction. c/o - Dave Wammy Walmsley.    
Imagine. c/o - John Lennon.
I recently recovered three more Zebra photos -

We were asked to do some 'LIVE' recordings for (Radio Popular in Palma Mallorca)
which were broadcasted throughout the whole of Spain.
Photo 1 - Dave Wammy Walmsley - Manolo Mari (R.i.p.) - Alberto Candella & Juan Bibiloni.
Photo 2 - Dave Wammy Walmsley - Alberto Candella - Manolo Mari & Juan Bibiloni.
Photo 3 - An early morning photo of Barbarelas (we played to a capacity audience every Sunday afternoon). Wonderful days.
                                               Barbarela - the 'Top Night Spot' for Rock Groups/Bands. in 1971.
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