March 21st 2014. 
Just by accident! - we booked in for a night at the (Hotel Nuevo Torreluz) in the City of Almeria Spain and 'Low and Behold' a Bronze Statue of John Lennon was situated just outside the front door. 

Almeria was the birthplace of the song - 'Strawberry Fields' - which previously was an orphanage  in Liverpool, organised by the 'Salvation Army' situated just around the corner from Lennon's childhood home in the suburb of Woolton. I have great respect for John Lennon's contribution to the World. (R.I.P).        P.s. - The song 'IMAGINE' says it 'all'.
Top Left - The Bronze statue of- John Lennon in - ALMERIA. Spain.
Top Right - Bronze Plaque, situated on right below the statue.
Below Left - The Tops of the many Greenhouses in Almeria.
Below Right - Miles & miles of Strawberries forever.
Photo c/o - Pat  Walmsley & Royalty Free Flicka Photos March 21st 2014.

Left - (Miguel Vicence - ex Los Bravos) and I at the Heartbreak in Benidorm 12th Sept 2013.
Look at these two old dodgers - all we needed was Tony(Andy) Anderson and we could re-form Los Bravos.

Photo c/o Pat Walmsley. 
Right - Italian born - Drummer (Grazy Coral)  and I - 8th Nov 2013. discussing the possibilities of forming a band for the 2015 Isle of Man T.T. 
Below - Left- Walter - Germany - Drummer  
Right - Joe Dillan - Singer.            
Photo c/o Mike Skinner.

Left - Here come the  weekend boys. (They come in like Lions and go out like Sheep!).
Photo c/o Alfered Debels - Holland. Feb 2014
Right - Wammy - Wot! Last orders?. .
Photo c/o Pat Walmsley. Feb 2014.

               *          *          *
Left - just got the news!
Himalayan restaurant opening in Altea!
Count me in! Chicken 'Tikka' Balti - Chicken 'Tikka' Bhuna - basmati Rice - Madras.
Right - So you want to be a 'Rock & Roll star?
We've both left it too late - the 'X' Factor took care of that I'm afraid.
Photo c/o Mike Skinner.  Oct 2014 ?
Left -  Davido  the Busker (on left of Photo) got a gig at the Altea bar 'Arte' and dragged me in to do a bit of Rock & Roll.
Photo c/o Pat Walmsley. March 29th 2014..
Right -  I stumbled on some transport to get us home!  (I don't think so).

Photo c/o Pat Walmsley. March 29th 2014.
                                                                    This little Spanish rascal, insisted on taking my guitar home.

 Below - Raffa & Janyssha Lyon's (Janny). with the Mr Pink Band.  
 All Photos taken at the Heartbreak bar Benidorm c/o Dave Wammy Walmsley.
Left - Rafael Gonzalo Raposo Carreno, with Janyssha Lyons.(Vocals).
Right - Roger Solari. (Bass).
Below - Left - Lucas. (Keyboards).
Below - Right - Moases. (Drummer)

Campello - Sea front house.                                                                              If you get 'taken short' you can always 'Pop' in for a 'Sweet Pea'.


El 'Lobo' Restaurante.                            Denia - Thou art John Wayne and upon this Rock thouest will build my Church - (The Hell I will!).


Madrid - Sometimes the Bull wins!.                                                                   Altea - Slim Chance!.



Valencia - Ride 'em Cowboy.                                                                                It 'Beats as is Sweeps as it Cleans'.


Altea - After all! What are pavements for? (Outside the 'Difference Bar).                 Jalon - He should have gone to 'Specsavers!


El Campello - Graffity on a Garage door.                       All I wanted was to be a 'DJ' -  Iglesia Ortadoxa Rusa Del Arcangel de San Miguel???


Valencia - Just tell me the 'Truth'            There's nothing-so lonesome-so dull or-so drear,than to search for a pub with No Bar & No Beer.




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