(Life in the 1960's).


I was asked to make a Rock n' Roll C.D. so here it is, comprising of 'Old songs' that I remember whilst I was just a teenager.It was a marvelous time never to be forgotten.

Chuck Berry was an innovator together with so many that jumped on the 'bandwagon' rounding off the whole escapade. It was said that Chuck 'paved' the way' for Elvis Presley who in turn gave so much enthusiasm during those times. I was definitely part of this wonderful episode and genuinely contribute the songs below to the continuity of 'Rock n' Roll' music.  -  Happy listening - (wammy).



Download Name Play Size Duration
download Boney Marony
Dave Walmsley

2.5 MB 2:43 min
download Good Golly Miss Molly
Dave Walmsley

2 MB 2:14 min
download Heartbreak Hotel
Dave Walmsley

1.9 MB 2:08 min
download It'll be me
Dave Walmsley

2.8 MB 3:04 min
download It's Late
Dave Walmsley

2 MB 2:10 min
download Jailhouse Rock
Dave Walmsley

2.1 MB 2:18 min
download Johnny B Good
Dave Walmsley

2.5 MB 2:43 min
download Lets Dance
Dave Walmsley

2.4 MB 2:35 min
download Shake Rattle and Roll
Dave Walmsley

2.9 MB 3:12 min
download Too much Monkey Business
Dave Walmsley

2.3 MB 2:29 min
download Words of Love
Dave Walmsley

2.9 MB 3:09 min
download carol
Dave Walmsley

3.2 MB 3:30 min



                                                                                      (Below) The START of it all.

The Merrie England Pub, Great Harwood - birthplace of so many Bands/Groups' back in the '60's.  Although now demolished, the memories of those wonderful (authentic) times still remain.

                         Not quite so 'Merrie' England.

                                                                                                                     Photo c/o Vaughan 'The Viking' Whitaker.

I would also like to present these (Three) photographs below,  Vaughan 'The Viking' Whitaker and thank him for the time and effort he has contributed on my behalf.
My many thanks also go out to so many who have helped me create 'My book' and especially John 'Snuffy' Morton for his endless interest and research, my wife Pat goes without saying, her patience is paramount x - thank you all.


    - Left to Right -
1. Vaughan 'The Viking' Whitaker.
2. John 'Snuffy' Morton.
3. My wife Patricia.

        *          *          *

Below -Trains in the 1960's - leaving Great Harwood to Preston & Blackpool.

 A 'Black Five' picking up holiday makers in      Great Harwood.


                      English Money of the 1960's.

1. A Five Pound Note. (Fiver).                           
2. A One Pound Note. (A Quid Note).            
3. A Ten Shilling Note. (Ten Bob Note).



​1. Half a Crown. (Two and Six).
2. Two shillings. (Two Bob).
3. A Shilling. (A Bob).
4. A Sixpence. (A Tanner).
5. A Threppenny Bit. (Thruppence).
6. A Penny.
7. A Halfpenny. (Hape-ney).
8. A Farthing. 

Some - Cigarettes of the 1960's.

I got through most of these! Incuding 'Twist'

Chewing Tobacco.



Some 1960's -  'Real Beer' at that time.


                                   A pint of Hand pulled Beer.



         Mild Beer                  Bitter Beer              Lager


           Homeward Bound!

              All Photos c/o Dave wammy Walmsley+Flicka & Copyright Free


           Bury Black Puddings.


                                             Fish & Chips.

                                    Steak Pudding Chips & Peas.


The Inseperatable Sauces. Heinz Tomato Ketchup & HP.
                           The Old - Clayton Street CHIPPY.



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