Accrington Stanley Line Up - Left to Right -

Rod Hill.
Jim Payne.
​Brian Johnson. (He appeared from No-Where? - White Plains ?).
Dave Foster.
Dave Wammy Walmsley.


  ( David Foster R.I.P 2017)-- co-author of the classic 'YES' songs,
             "Time And A Word", also "Yours Is No Disgrace."
​               *                    *                    *  
   Dave Foster - Lead Vocals  - Maton Bass.
   (Photo c/o Dave Foster).


  Dave 'Wammy' Walmsley -  Vocals / Guitar - Gibson SG.
            *                    *                    *         
(See Page 5 My Aoutobiography, for more info).
   (Photo c/o Dave Foster)



 A Few Recordings along the way.

                                       A Few C.D's,  Long Play Album  &  Singles Recorded  & Written along the way.




Rod Hill - Guitarist - Gibson Les Paul  SG.
​                                  *                    *                    *
   (Former) Ex Warriors  - Sleepy -  Sandy Shaw - Lou Christi  - 
 Marbles - Graham Bonnett,(who later became lead singer with 
 Richie Blackmore's Rainbow).Jackie Lomax (ex Undertakers
         (At the time) -Managed by Beatles George Harrison). 
​          West Coast Country Band.  Backed - Billy J Kramer. 
​         Some pedigree there!
​        (Photo c/o Dave Foster).

Jim Payne - L/H Drums / Vocals 

                                      *                    *                    *
            (Former 'Ludwig' Drummer) with Accrington Stanley -                       The Ink Spots -The National Head Band - 

                         Jonesy  - Big  Jim Sullivan's Band 'Tiger'. 
        'Kenny' Young and finally - The Foundations. (Early career).
          The Scorchers - Gideon's Ways - Francis 'T' Construction -
                   Reflections -  Kudos -  The Atlantics. - Wow!   
                                        (Photo c/o Dave Foster).



 (Above) -  Thatcham - Berkshire. (The White Heart Maybe?)​

(Below) - The Watermill Theatre, (our rehersal place).


(Below) - 1971 - 1. Glastonbury 'Fair' Festival. (Accrington Stanley on stage!).
2.  Waiting for the 'Event'. Dave Foster and I.
3.  The Light Rig that 'supported' me through most of the night! (I think ?).
4.  The Pyramid which 'Illuminated' the whole area.
5.  Dawn​         



.BBC Glastonbury ArchivesAt 09:05am on 08 Jun - Chris wrote:
     You forgot the best band that played - Accrington Stanley. (I never saw them again).
   Have never been to Glastonbury again after such a brilliant experience.
               Quote - David Bowie concert appearances in 1971 ... *20th-24th June Glastonbury Fair: ...
             After 'David Bowie's' performance  ... Accrington Stanley' were the next act.
Glastonbury. BBC Archives 
A las 09:05 de la mañana del 08 de junio - Chris escribió: 
Se le olvidó la mejor banda que tocaba - Accrington Stanley. (Yo nunca los vi de nuevo). 
Nunca he estado en Glastonbury nuevo después de ese una experiencia genial. 
Cita - apariciones en conciertos de David Bowie en 1971 ... * 20 al 24 junio Glastonbury Feria: ... Después de la actuación 
de - David Bowie - 'Accrington Stanley' fueron el siguiente acto. Julio. 21:
(Quote) - -  below.ACCRINGTON STANLEY.
Dave 'Wammy' Walmsley: guitar&Vocal. Rod Hill guitar - Dave Foster: - Songwriter - bass guitar & lead vocals) ex-Warriors.
Jim Payne: Drums - Gideon's Way.
​Brian Johnstone? (Unknown - White Plains?).

(Quote) The band Accrington Stanley formed in 1970 and were around for a couple of years. Playing 
the top London venues like The Marquee Club. They were set to be signed to The Rolling Stones' record label, 
but for some reason they didn't sign and they were soon to split up. (Unquote).    
(The Rolling Stones record label? well ! I never knew about that!) wammy.

                                                                              (Photos, courtesy and permission of  Mervyn Penrose 1971)






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