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                                                                Welcome to -

    Dave "Wammy" Walmsley's website.


 Top Left - Miguel Vicens (original Los Bravos Bass player).

 Top Right -  Grazy Coral an Italian Drummer (planning a trip to the States of America).

 Bottom Left - Walter a German Drummer  (having a few drinks).

 Bottom Right - Joe Dillan (having a mess around).


Book Signing

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(Quote) - Delivering the Goods, reveal's  an emotional, but sincere account of  Wammy's life, tenderly excluding the possibilities of  some name dropping, but tells the genuine story of an emotional escapade during his childhood, his insecurity and his loneliness,  but which later led to quite some 'Glamour' of the media. The two Solo C.D.Albums, (All written & recorded solely by Wammy) - 'Delivering the Goods' and 'Another Star in Limbo' enhance a reality of so much of the Autobiography.  (Unquote) 

.Well I never - after all this time and confusion - having had to remove so many names and genuine stories -  how can anyone write a truthful book without so many calculated 'none has been's' that are  maybe waiting to protect their failures in life? My Book has No bad-intention  it is a positive story of the life that I have perused, reveling  a trip down a sometimes -  lonely - yet happy -  escapades in life's adventure - I'm so sorry that the Lancashire Radio cancelled my interview, I simply mentioned the Jim Bowen episode and it wasn't acceptable.  
​                                                                                        Love to you all - wammy



Book Signing